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Extrait du courriel envoyé par Matthew Maloley (en anglais)

With Prejudice

(Madame A),

You greedy dirty Cunt. Go fuck yourself and your pathetic loser of a partner who is an incestual child molester pedophile of the worst kind. There is no statute of limitations in Canada for sexual assault. KEEP THAT IN MIND.

One can only imagine how poorly you see yourself and your overall self-worth to be with someone like that…just disgusting.

My (…) is surrounded by (…) wonderful family filled with loving (…) – can you both say the same…

Soon (…) will also have a lot more money to spoil everyone with (…)

If you ever write to my work email again and harass me or harass my (…) or attempt to intimidate (…) as you just have, rest assured I will sue you and (monsieur B) for punitive and exemplary damages and will take great pleasure in dragging you both through the court system that I know so well.

Enjoy your cheap ass ghetto vacations.

You pathetic loser.

Yours truly



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